Application Development


 Good software design is critical to ensure that your application works in the way you have envisioned.  Utilizing efficient software architectures and techniques, NFC can help you to translate your software requirements into solutions, so you can perform your tests with peace of mind, and demonstrate to your stakeholders with confidence. 

National Instruments LabVIEW™ is NFC’s preferred software development platform. With our extensive experience in creating LabVIEW solutions, and our Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) qualification, we meet the stringent standards set by National Instruments in developing high quality solutions for our customers. 

NFC also has a Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) onboard, and we can create a custom training content as part of your software solution package.

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Our certifications include LabView Certified Architect and LabVIEW Certified Professional Instructor:

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Custom Driver Development



One of the biggest problems you may face in integrating a system with many components from various vendors, is that sometimes the LabVIEW drivers do not exist, or the available ones are just not well suited for your application. All these will hinder your project progress. 


NFC can develop a well-structured and documented LabVIEW driver library for your hardware, which is designed for ease of use and future expansion. We have delivered LabVIEW drivers ranging from block cameras, scanning mirrors, light processing units and linear stages. 


Check out some of our custom diver development case studies.

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Code Review and Migration



Do you have source code that is using up too much memory, or slow down your computer when it is running? 


With NFC’s experience in architecting software, we are able to help review your code, and show you ways to make your code more efficient, so that your engineers can implement those changes. Alternatively, depending on the scale, NFC is also able to provide this refactoring service. 


Users with legacy code handed down may also face issues when they need to upgrade their LabVIEW software to the latest versions, as certain components may no longer work in the way they used to. NFC can assist you in migrating your system to the current LabVIEW version, and suggest / implement workarounds for those obsolete components. 


Check out some of our code review and migration case studies.

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